About Us

About Us

Building Services Engineers

Target Technical Consulting are a team of experienced engineers dedicated to the integration of building services and environmental systems into construction projects. The practice was formed to provide specialist design and consultancy services to the construction industry. Our aim is to provide high quality foundations in design from which successful projects can be built.

Our primary focus is successful project delivery. Among our key considerations for any project are safety, cost, programme, quality and client satisfaction.

The TTC design philosophy is focused on closing the gap between desktop and the construction site with minimal interpretation required between the two.

We are fully aware of the practical impacts that design decisions have. Our designs and solutions therefore always consider installation methods and practices with a practical approach.

A large part of our service is to provide appropriate advice for design and construction teams to assist in the various decision-making processes throughout a design programme. Our aim is to avoid compromise during the design, procurement and build process and allows for project visions and expectations to be realised.

We provide readily available support for design and construction teams throughout the entire life of a project till handover and beyond.

Our abilities enable us to be proactive, anticipate potential risks and eliminate them before they can negatively impact on a project.

Efficiency is a key driver for the building services industry. We provide services which aim to be efficient not only for the systems we implement but in our operations keeping time and cost to a minimum.